Johnson Public Relations is a specialist firm that takes on high-stakes assignments in strategic corporate communications and crisis management.

JPR & Theatre Owners

The National Association of Theatre Owners retained JPR to go to war with the movie studios over the premium video-on-demand platform. It took a year of coalition building before the studios backed off the plan that woud have cannibalized theatrical revenues. 


“Ross Johnson is a rarity in the PR world: a straight shooter.”

Josh Friedman, Bloomberg News

“As a former journalist himself, Ross has a strong grasp for the media. He knows what a publication is looking for, understands how crucial it is to develop trustworthy relationships in the industry, and he has a gift for negotiating information with people.”

Vanessa Juarez, CNN

“I met Ross during the firestorm called the Wesley Snipes tax evasion trial in Ocala, Florida. Ross was cool-headed, knew what to do, whom to call and took care of business.”

Robert Raymond, Bernhoft Law


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"Ross Johnson is a rarity in the PR world: a straight shooter."

Josh Friedman, Bloomberg News

“The best on-the-ground crisis communications guy I’ve ever seen.”

Robert Bernhoft, Bernhoft Law

“These guys know their shit.”

Tom Bernard, Co-Founder and Co-President, Sony Pictures Classics